For all new enquiries, please email or call 07429 589569

For existing Clients and Residents 

Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:00pm, please contact or call 07429 589569. 

For an out of hours property emergency which cannot wait until the office reopens, please see below:

Please consider is the emergency the responsibility of the block management agent or the owner/landlord/letting agent of the flat. Residents/owners will be responsible for the contractors costs if the issue is not an emergency or the issue is not due to a communal or building fault.

For leaks between flats contact the resident of the flat in the first instance. Owners/Landlords/Lettings Agents are responsible for the plumbing within a flat.

For fire, flooding, break-ins to the communal spaces, anti-social behaviour please call 999.

In the case of fire, if the property has a fire alarm, please activate it, evacuate and call 999.

In the case of fire, if the property does not have a fire alarm, please evacuate as necessary and call 999.

For fire alarm activation in error, please follow the instructions near the alarm to silence it or call the provider as detailed on the panel in the commonway. Do not clear the fault code. Please call Stoneham Block Management as soon as possible during working hours to report the full details, including the time of the activation.

For suspected gas leaks call Transco on 0800 111 999

For major electrical outages call UK Power Networks 0800 316 3105.

For all emergencies not covered by the above, please call Done and Dusted 01273 758757 / 07805 569727 or any of the specialist contractors detailed below:

For electrical faults affecting the safety of the residents in the building, please call LRG Electrical 01273 006729

For drainage issues, please call Aquatech 01273 933705

For plumbing issues, please call Metro Plumbers 07388 346659

For locksmith issues, please call Lockswood Locksmiths 07805 121 782